Our Initiatives

Feed a Hungry Child Over Break

For many children school breaks are wonderful, happy and much appreciated times.  Unfortunately for almost ¼ of our nation’s childhood population, this is not always the case.  They and their families find themselves with food or enough to eat. In response to this, Corbin’s Legacy, fills 1100 backpacks with 1 or 2 weeks of food (depending on the length of the break) and distributes them to Title I elementary school children on the last day of school.  Typically, we do this 4, sometimes 5 times a year – Fall (I week), Spring (1 week), Winter (2 weeks), and Summer (2 weeks). Our 5th drop varies, one year it was during RedForED and another during the summer (in neighborhood and community parks).

Back to School Day

Corbin’s Legacy / ATSU Pediatric Screening Program

As a result of the CLB2SD, ATSU professor Dr. Harvey Simon, a public health pediatrician and attorney, was concerned about the health status of the children screened and proposed that, in partnership with Corbin’s Legacy, a clinic be opened in a Title I elementary school to assure regular and easy access to healthcare for at risk children.  In partnership with the Mesa Public Schools we are now operating our 1st clinic at Emerson Elementary School.  Care is provided by ATSU SOMA physicians and ASHS physician assistants and their students.

Food for Thought

For at risk children, in classrooms across the country, learning is a challenge because they are hungry.  Often, they come to school without having had breakfast and bring no lunch. Many, for a host of reasons, do not receive free or reduced breakfast and or lunch.  Most do not get hot lunches.

Every Thursday, through our “Can We Help You” (link here) simple application form, Corbin’s Legacy provides several months of healthy snacks to Title I elementary school classrooms.  We do this nationally and have touched the lives of children in every State including Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico.

Weekend Food Warriors

Too often children do not have food, or enough nutritious food in their homes.  This is especially problematic on weekends when securing food from other sources, like schools, is not possible.   In response to this Corbin’s Legacy Board Member Cynthia Lujan created Weekend Food Warriors. Each week, backpacks filled with 7 meals, are stuffed and distributed on Fridays to Title I elementary school children in and around Phoenix.

Kid’s Club

Corbin’s Legacy Kids Club (CLKC) is a FREE club that is dedicated to kids helping kids make change for good! CLKC promotes project-based learning so that kids can gain important experiences and knowledge that teach them lessons for life.

Challenge Day

Once a year, in conjunction with The American Public Health Association’s National Public Week, we identify a “Day of Service” and invite all of our supporters to join us in hosting events nationally to raise money and increase awareness for Corbin’s Legacy and Corbin’s Legacy Partnership Initiatives.