We have officially been approved as a QUALIFYING CHARITABLE ORGANIZATION (CCO) by the State of Arizona

“The state of Arizona provides an incredible incentive for taxpayers who donate to certain qualifying charities like Corbin’s Legacy. Thanks to the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit, you can donate up to $800 and get it right back on your Arizona tax return.”

Step 1: Donate to Corbin’s Legacy to support needy children in Arizona

Step 2: File your State taxes and claim the credit by using Arizona Tax Form (AZDOR) 321

Step 3: Receive your tax credit!

            Up to $800 for married filing jointly

            Up to $400 for filing single or head of household

            No need to itemize deductions to claim the credit

How It Works: “The state of Arizona offers its taxpayers the opportunity to make contributions to non-profit organizations that reduce the amount of tax owed to the state or increase the amount of the taxpayer’s refund, dollar-for-dollar. There is NO NET COST to the donor, and deserving individuals around the state benefit.”

In Just The Last 2 Weeks:





Corbin’s Legacy assisted 25 children with food to take home in cinch sacks for the weekend, 11 children with food cards, 10 children with clothing cards, 8 children with hot lunches for a month, 6 children with medical examinations, 4 children with drug prescriptions, 2 children with dental exams and 1 child with eyeglasses.  We also got a thank you note (which we love receiving) that said, “thank you for the weekend food.  I shared with my brother and sister and mother and father.  We ate until Sunday.  Even my parents”.  Needless to say, we sent her family a food card as well.

No child should struggle. No parent should feel powerless.

Cost: $1520 Benefit: Incalculable

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Team Corbin’s Legacy Needs You!






Hello Supporters!

For those who wish to participate in the Mesa Sprint Triathlon with me and represent Team Corbin’s Legacy the registration information is below.  Please contact me so we can register as a team or teams (there is a discount for team registrations).  The goal – to finish (LOL) and, if you wish, to also raise and awareness for Corbin’s Legacy ( Will you join me?


Triathlon not your thing?  Please consider making a donation to this worthy cause:

It Takes a Village







Thanks to You This Week Corbin’s Legacy joined with the Clergy of many denominations to help children in need around the nation.

Each request began similarly, “I’m not sure you can help but I’m a (fill in the religious leader’s title) and I have a child who needs (fill in food, clothing, medical care, etc.)”.

Our response – every time – “Yes, we can and will help”.

Here is one heartwarming story from a Reverend in Oklahoma:

“We always try and take care of own and believe that the Almighty will provide, but sometimes the need is so great and there is just not enough to go around.  This is one of those times.   We have three families, all hard working, who just do not always earn enough to feed and clothe their children.  While they are proud and would shun this kind of assistance I don’t know what else to do.  Can you help them?”

Corbin’s Legacy paid for food and clothing gift cards for all three of these families.  We also arranged for each of the children to get books, new school supplies as well as medical and dental exams so that they would all be ready to return to school.  We also sent those kids some summer toys for good measure.

No child should struggle. No parent should feel powerless.

Cost: $900 Benefit: Incalculable

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