Corbin’s Legacy Kids Club (CLKC) is a national network of amazing children led by dedicated teachers and leaders helping to make change for good.


The Basics:

Corbin’s Legacy Kids Club (CLKC) is a FREE CLUB focused on service that encourages children to help make the world a better place, and you’re invited to join us! CLKC chapters all over the United States are working to make their schools friendlier, their communities cleaner, and are collecting donations like food, clothing, and school supplies to those in need. Joining Corbin’s Legacy Kids Club is a great way to incorporate project-based learning into your curriculum too! You can download our free toolkit for a step-by-step guide to get you started.

How it Works:

Step 1: Form a group of children who want to make change for good!

Get your class, club, or youth group together to make a positive impact on the world. Once you know who you are working with, fill out the membership form here to become an official CLKC chapter! Registration is completely free and you never pay any dues to participate.

Step 2: Brainstorm Project Ideas!

Work with your group to think about what problems exist in the world around you, and how you could go about fixing them. Download  the free CLKC Toolkit to help you through this process, and then decide what project you want to focus on first!

Step 3: Take Action!

Once you decide on a project, get to work! Help the world in whatever way that you can! When you complete your project, share your story and photos with us to be featured in our newsletter!

Step 4: Start a New Project!

Once you complete one project, start from Step 1 to continue changing the world for good! We like to set a goal of six projects a year for each CLKC chapter. Once you complete six projects, everyone in your group receives a free Corbin’s Legacy Kids Club t-shirt!





Other Cool Stuff You Can Do:

Connect with us and other CLKC Chapters:

Once you become an official CLKC chapter, you will have access to the Corbin’s Legacy Kids Club Member Portal, which will include the CLKC President’s interactive Vlog, a featured CLKC project of the month,  space to collaborate with other CLKC groups, and  a directory of all CLKC chapters. Whether you want to work with another group of kids who are nearby or connect with a group on the other side of the country to do similar work and learn from each other, you will have everything you need to get connected!

Tell your story:

You can share your story on social media using the Corbin’s Legacy hashtags:

#becauseweknewher               #makingchangeforgood              #CLKC

You can also submit your stories to clkc@corbinslegacy.org to be featured in the CLKC official newsletter! Share about the challenges you face and the goals that you reach so that your work can inspire other kids to make change for good too. Remember to include photos or video too!

Become a sponsor:

Help us help kids who help kids! Become an official sponsor or make a donation to Corbin’s Legacy Kids Club by clicking here.

Get Cool Stuff:

We have great resources for you to download and print for free:









We will also send you free stuff in the mail:

  • Official CLKC Stamp: Each CLKC chapter receives a free Corbin’s Legacy Kids Club stamp once they register. Use your free stamp to stamp your passports as you complete projects!
  • CLKC Certificate of Participation: Your group will receive an official certificate of participation from Corbin’s Legacy, which you can frame and show off proudly!
  • CLKC T-Shirts: Each member of your group will receive a free CLKC t-shirt after you complete your sixth project!

Access to the COrbin’s Legacy Kids Club Member Portal:

The CLKC Member Portal is a private, password protected site that allows you to connect with other groups  and leaders in Corbin’s Legacy Kids Club! You can watch the CLKC President’s latest interactive Vlog, leave comments, participate in dialogue with other chapters, share your stories, and get inspired by cool kids from all across the country.

Read the Newsletter:

You will receive the official CLKC newsletter each month highlighting all the spectacular projects that kids are doing across the country.








The Details:

Corbin’s Legacy is a 501c3 public charity established in memory and honor of Corbin Leafman, a dedicated teacher, colleague, steadfast friend, and devoted family member, who died at the age of 31 from cancer. She was adamant about being remembered, not by her death but by who she was, how she cared and the way she lived. Corbin was an extraordinarily compassionate, caring and creative Kindergarten teacher who taught in schools with disadvantaged students. She made it her mission to never let a child go hungry…not for a meal, a day, or a weekend. She was known for always walking through the lunch line holding up a $20.00 bill to make sure that the cafeteria lady knew that none of her students were to go without a hot meal.








Our Motto: Kids Helping Kids to Make Change for Good

Our Mission: To Be Changed and Make Change for Good #becauseweknewher

Our Vision: To assure that no child should suffer and no parent should feel powerless

Our Objectives:

  •             Inspire youth to take action to make change for good
  •             Develop compassion and social responsibility in school aged children to others in need
  •             Provide meaningful projects for kids to change their world for the better
  •             Help teachers & leaders to promote compassion in homes, schools and neighborhoods








Our Core Values:

  •             Service: Commitment to providing goods and services to children in need
  •             Inclusiveness: Helping all children in need without question, judgement or prejudice
  •             Caring: Willingness to take action to help children in need
  •             Voice: For those who cannot speak for themselves

CLKC Benefits include:

  •             Creative problem solving and action
  •             Civic consciousness and societal awareness
  •             Development of community responsibility and leadership
  •             Opportunity to share and be recognized for civic service


Please feel free to contact us at: clkc@corbinslegacy.org or Call: 844-204-6434

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