Free Printables

Free printables to help you make change for good!

If you are just getting started, click here to see our free toolkit, which will help you through your first steps as a new CLKC chapter!

If you are returning to start your next project, here are some free printables to help you continue your amazing work!

Project Planning Guide: This guide helps you through the steps of choosing your next project. Click the link below to print out one of these, and put it up on a smart board or projector to help you work through the planning process.

Project Ideas: If you are feeling stuck about how you can serve your community or start a fundraiser, click the link below to see some ideas that will help get you started. Have an idea that you want to share with us? We would love to hear about it! Email to tell us about your new ideas!

CLKC Passport: Click the link below to print one of these for each member of your group. Assemble each passport by folding along the dotted lines. Sign the pledge, and use this as your official membership card. Get your passport stamped with the official CLKC stamp that we send you in the mail as you complete each project.

Extra Passport Pages: We know that you are completing a lot of projects to help make the world a better place! Once you fill all the spots on your passport, click the link below to print out this paper, fold along the dotted lines, and staple it to your passport to continue receiving stamps for your excellent work!