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Become a Corbin’s Legacy Kids Club Sponsor

Help us help kids who help kids! Corbin’s Legacy Kids Club (CLKC) is free to join and we believe in supporting all children. Children and group leaders never pay dues to maintain their membership. Your sponsorship helps us provide children across the nation with the basics to get started on their work to help change the world! Every child deserves to feel like they belong to something that matters. That’s why we provide each child with a t-shirt after they complete six projects as a CLKC member. Every child also deserves to feel like they have the power to make change for good. That’s why Corbin’s Legacy Kids Club provides each child with the basic tools to improve their leadership skills, teach the importance of working as a team, and boost their self esteem so that they can continue to make great choices as they grow up. When you become a Corbin’s Legacy Kids Club sponsor, you help us help them reach their goals to make change for good.







Sponsor a Classroom (or Group): When you sponsor a classroom or a youth group for $250.00, you are helping one set of kids work better together and make positive changes in their community. You will receive an amazing Corbin’s Legacy hoodie when you become a Classroom Sponsor. For example, when one classroom of children decides to make change for good by reading to a younger class, so many children and teachers have a better day, and they will have you to thank for it!

Sponsor a Grade Level: When you sponsor a grade level for $1,300, you are helping an entire age group within a school so that the positive impact is even greater. You will receive a chic Corbin’s Legacy performance fleece jacket when you become a Grade Level Sponsor. For example, when the entire third grade of an elementary school is focused on an initiative like writing thank you notes to important people in their lives, the entire school reaps the benefits, and they will have you to thank for it!


Sponsor a School: When you sponsor a school for $8,800, the entire community becomes a better place to live. You will receive a beautiful Corbin’s Legacy plaque and an official Corbin’s Legacy watch when you become a School Sponsor. Children have the power to remind adults how much good can be done with a little bit of effort. For example, when an entire school takes on an initiative such as starting a food drive. Hundreds of people will get to eat who otherwise would go hungry, and they will have your help getting their work done in the world!


Donate: Not ready to become a sponsor, but still want to help kids make the world a better place? Click the link below to decide how much you want to donate to Corbin’s Legacy Kids Club. Everything helps, and we are all in this together!