A Parent Speaks Out






Thank To You This Week:

Corbin’s Legacy helped homeless children and their families around the nation with food, personal hygiene kits and required school clothing. One in thirty elementary school children are homeless in this country.  While we respect privacy we had the rare opportunity to speak with a parent, who wished to publicly comment, this is what she had to say:

My family lives in a shelter and we are grateful for it.  My husband and I both work.  We always have.  But times got tough, He lost his fulltime job and my part-time job hours were cut. We lost our house, really we lost everything.  But we have our kids and each other.  Every morning, when we have to leave the shelter, my husband takes the kids to school, a really good school, and then goes to work.  I wait in line to get back into the shelter, so my kids will have a place to do homework and sleep.  When my husband is done working he picks up the kids and comes back to the shelter.  When we get in and settled I go to work but I have to be back before the doors get locked for the night, so I can’t work that much.  I think that in this country it’s just a darn shame that a hard working family like mine can’t afford to live and I don’t hear any politicians talking about it.

We agree.  No child should struggle. #becauseweknewher                          No parent should feel powerless.

Cost: $1230 Benefit: Incalculable